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In Miami-Dade and Broward County alone, there are more than 1.8 million properties, each of which the county assesses and reassesses the value of every year. Since there are only a limited number of county appraisers, the Counties have to utilize a mass appraisal process to determine these values. As with any process of this size, mistakes are inevitable, and the Counties over assess the value of hundreds of thousands of properties. In determining the value of your property, they often and inaccurately compare your property to others in its vicinity that are not actually comparable, due to factors such as renovations, credit tenants, superior location, etc. At Property Tax Savers, we identify and point out these differences to ensure that your property is receiving an accurate valuation.


The process is easy. Send us your address and , if you own a residential property, we will perform a free analysis on it (we always contest commercial properties) and let you know if we believe that an appeal on your property taxes could be successful. If we think we can, we will then ask you to sign our service agreement and submit a payment of $15 per property to cover the Counties’ mandatory fee to file an appeal (if you own contiguous properties, please let us know as the cost is lower for each subsequent property). These fees go directly to the County.

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Reach out to our team, receive an analysis on your property & sign-up

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We gather evidence & handle the entire appeal process on your behalf

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If we win, you receive a refund/updated tax bill

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You sign up once again for next year - valuations change every year!


We conduct extensive research on your property, and represent you before a Special Magistrate at the Value Adjustment Board. If we are successful in lowering your bill and saving you money, we collect 35% of the money saved. Historically, 2 out of 3 property owners receive a refund, and you only pay if we win.


We have over 30 years of experience in the Miami-Dade and Broward County appraiser districts, and  have had over 250,000 successful tax appeals!

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